Sorry for the lateness of this post--late night last night for Amy's birthday. She's still sleeping it off so we can see The Dark Knight this afternoon.

The blog world has been a little slow today, I'm guessing because most of the major players are in Austin for Netroots Nation. I liked this piece from the NY Times blog which talks about how if Fox News sends a crew to cover the event--they're saying they won't--they'll be given press credentials which say "Opinion Media."

The credential would not restrict Fox’s ability to cover the conference, but Mr. Orton said that journalists from other media organizations like Air America, the liberal radio network, and the National Review, a conservative journal, would receive regular credentials. The difference, Mr. Orton said, is that those outlets are “explicitly progressive or explicitly conservative. They don’t have a branding problem.”
I think that's an excellent idea, but I think it doesn't go far enough. The AP might need to be added to that list, since Ron Fournier seems to be openly slanting their coverage toward McCain and the Republican party. The issue, after all, is their claims to objectivity. Well, if nothing else happens this election cycle, perhaps we'll be able to put a stake through the heart of the myth of the liberal news media.

Here's the Random Ten--put your iPod on party shuffle and post the first ten songs to pop up. No skipping songs in hopes of maintaining your hipster cred--revel in your love of Huey Lewis and the News.
1. Trane's Slo Blues--John Coltrane
2. It Might As Well Be Spring--Charles Mingus
3. The Best I Can--Luckyiam
4. Gangster Trippin'--Fatboy Slim
5. I Would Walk 500 Miles--The Pogues
6. See Something, Say Something--Public Enemy
7. Time of Songs--Tapes 'n Tapes
8. Somewhere--Dave Brubeck
9. Squeeze Box--The Who
10. One Love--The Flobots
So, what are you listening to this fine Friday? And are you going to see The Dark Knight this weekend, or will you wait for the crowds to thin out a bit?

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