More gay harassment

What to make of this story?

FORT LAUDERDALE - A Fort Lauderdale police officer entrapped a middle-aged man into exposing himself in Holiday Park and groping the officer's groin, a Broward County judge has ruled.

County Court Judge Gary Cowart ordered prosecutors to dismiss charges of indecent exposure, committing a lewd act and battery filed against Michael Marsh as prosecutors presented no evidence Marsh intended to commit those crimes before meeting Officer Nick Coffin in Holiday Park last August.
It seems a little too coincidental that this arrest took place just months after Jim Naugle went on his rampage against the nearly non-existent problem of gay sex in public toilets. And when Naugle was asked about this case, his response was, well, less than illuminating.

Naugle did not want to comment on the judge's ruling, opting to highlight sections of the arrest affidavit, among them:

"Should be noted that a little league baseball game was about to began [sic] and several children and parents were present while this happened," Coffin said in his report

"This is my comment," Naugle said, handing over the documents.
Nice. No acknowledgment that the cop was in the wrong, or that the cop initiated the offer of sex. And what a swerve on the little league baseball game part--no mention that the sting was planned for a time when that was going on, and yet by highlighting it, Naugle links gay men to pedophilia. Classy.

I cannot wait for him to be gone.

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