Monday Reading

There's a bit of ailment going on around the casa for the last couple of days, so the blogging hasn't been up to the usual standards of, well, whatever they usually are. So here's some suggested reading.

Elle passes along a horrible story of police brutality from Long Beach. Seems a cop couldn't handle some single-finger disrespect and decided to take it out on her face.

Blast Off! has an improvement on the now famous Huggy Bear John McCain picture. Might not be safe for work.

Ken Quinnell gives us an update on the FPC's fundraising for their DNC trip.

The Miami Herald points out what seems to me to be a glaring problem in the mortgage brokerage industry.

Rate Your Students has an ongoing conversation about the consumer model of higher education. It's probably better if you just go there and scroll.

And Paul brings us the Superbowl Shuffle of political anthems.

Feel free to post links to your own stuff or other good things I missed in the comments.

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