Let's keep it going

As seems to be the case in every other state, Democrats are seeing a huge registration advantage over Republicans this cycle.

The numbers are ominous for Republicans: Through May, Democratic voter registration in Broward County was up 6.7 percent. Republican registrations grew just 3 percent while independents rose 2.8 percent.

Democrats have posted even greater gains statewide, up 106,508 voters from January through May, compared with 16,686 for the Republicans.
These are largely first-time voters, as opposed to people changing their registration, which is good because people tend to stay loyal to the party they first vote for. There has to be some sort of massive event for voters to switch parties--like the last 8 years of King George the Lesser.

So this cycle means a lot. We need to keep pressing this advantage and pick up a few more House seats, as well as prime the pump for challenges to both Mel Martinez and Charlie Crist in 2010. Senator Wasserman-Schultz? Senator Wexler? Oh, those sound good.

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