I'm asking you for money

Not money for me, but for the bloggers who will be representing Florida's progressive community at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. They're trying to raise $6,000 to cover their expenses at the convention, so if you have a couple of bucks to spare, please send them their way. Ken Quinnell, who's organizing this thing and who has built the FPC to the position where it is today, is trying to fund this trip in classic progressive fashion--through small donations. Here's part of his pitch:

We’re sending a delegation of eight people to Denver (we’ll start introducing them to you via the blog and radio show over the next few weeks). While the group isn’t quite as diverse as we’d like, it is more diverse than many other state blog delegations. We’re one of the few groups that will be bringing an African-American. We also have three people under 25 in attendance and a few who are old enough to not want their ages mentioned here. We have more men than women, but we have more women that most states. We have North, Central and South Florida covered. We have people from urban and from rural counties. We have experienced bloggers and newbies. And unlike the process in some other states, we opened our delegation up to anyone who requested it and could make the trip. We’ll also be working with a few other bloggers or blogger-friendly people who are delegates or will otherwise be attending the convention.

So what does that mean? That we have a virtual army of people to cover the convention. We can spread out our people at as many of the events possible and provide you the broadest and most in-depth coverage of the convention anywhere. Florida Progressive Coalition has done a lot of liveblogging in the past, so we have several experienced people who will do that during the more notable events and speeches. We’ll also send our members to the various committee meetings, including the Credentials Committee, which will decide the final fate of the voting power of the Florida delegation. We’ll blog that one live and you’ll probably [sic]here the outcome from us before you hear it from anyone else in the world.
Contact information is available at the link, and thanks in advance.

P.S. I won't be going to the convention, but I'm a member of the FPC and want to support these people as much as possible, and will be featuring a lot of their blogging during the convention (which can't come soon enough for me).

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