Desperate for attention?

The McCain camp must be freaking out right now. Their latest fundraising month gets stomped on when Obama blows expectations out of the water with a $52 million haul, their latest ad is a joke, blaming Obama for rising gas prices--even King George the Lesser acknowledges that drilling now would have, at best, a psychological effect--and Obama's trip through the Middle East goes even better than expected, with the Iraqi Prime Minister dumping all over McCain's plans for hegemony in the region.

That's got to be the reason why Novak is reporting that McCain's ready to announce his running mate. Anything to change the current media cycle. After all, VP selections always encourage speculation, and there's nothing television talking heads love to do more than speculate. Bloggers too.

I'm sure I'll be frustrated by the space this speculation fills, space that should be better filled with actual discussion of policy issues and the like, but the truth is that once the spot is filled, that's one less distraction McCain will have to use, and he only has so many. It's the act of a desperate man.

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