But they're eeeebil!!

Glenn Greenwald:

Nonetheless, to watch U.S. Senators like Sam Brownback actually maintain a straight face while protesting China's warrantless spying on the email and telephone communications of foreigners, and lamenting that private companies feel unfairly pressured to cooperate with China's government spying out of fear of losing lucrative business opportunities, is so surreal that it's actually hard to believe one is seeing it.
Seriously, that's about what Brownback and the rest would argue--that it's okay for us because we live in a democracy, but not for the Chinese because they're Commies. What few people want to acknowledge is that we're more alike than we care to admit.

Both nations are becoming corporatocracies, where the interests of big business trump everything else--human rights, civil rights, you name it. If it hurts business, it's gone. You can couch it in whatever -ism you want; it won't change anything.

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