Every once in a while, the intertubes vomit up a piece of ridiculousness so grotesque that the thread title is the only available initial response. This is one of those pieces. Here's a sampling:

However, racism towards the South continues to exist and does not appear to be going away anytime soon. It is no wonder that the Left is so prejudiced towards the South: it's conservative, Christian, traditionalist, and resistant to cultural revolution. In other words, Southern attitudes stand in the way of Leftists' agendas. Thus, as usual, the Left finds it necessary to censor the South or berate it into submission by throwing guilt at its people.
Now, I could go on one of my semi-famous rants on the subject, but since I got the link from Barefoot and Progressive, I'll let TTP do the ranting.
Discrimination toward a region is one thing, but "Southerner" is not a race. What race is being discriminated against that would impel our writer to refer to "racism towards the South?" But hey, who wants to let pesky semantics get in the way of a good, full-throated (albeit non-sensical and untimely) rant? Really, though, we all know what she's about to get at....

The suggestion, made in both her article and in our later discussions about it, is that just because millions of black Americans (and here we get to the elephant in the room) see the confederate battle flag as a symbol of institutionalized racism (which, as a matter of fact, it is), that doesn't mean that people like Morgan and her ilk shouldn't be allowed to fly the flag as a matter of Southern pride (even thought Kentucky was neither a confederate nor a union state) or as a celebration of "states' rights", a buzzword that is well-known to refer to slavery and Jim Crow....

The flag is what it is: a symbol of slavery and, as a corollary, racism. In the end, simply saying, in effect "get over it" in that snide, dismissive tone, unfortunately for the arguer, does not an argument make.
To which I add an unqualified "hell yes."

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