McCain's trying to step all over the Democrats' big night by giving a speech in New Orleans. No coverage on CNN about what McCain was doing when New Orleans drowned, but what should anyone expect?

And I know that giving speeches isn't the most important part of being a President, but damn, McCain is just bad at it.

Edit: Wow, Jeffrey Toobin just kicked John McCain in the junk.

Update: Okay, I've watched all three speeches, and here's the quick and dirty. McCain was comatose. Clinton's speech was fine, even though lots of people online are freaking about it, and the CNN talking heads are all in a tizzy because she didn't concede tonight.

But Obama's speech was in another world, and it was about halfway through that it finally hit me why his speech was so much better than Clinton's. Clinton's speech was in a "rally the troops" mode, with a lot of focus on what she fought for and why she'd run and what her vision for the future of the country was. Obama's caught some of that last bit--which is good, since that's what presidential nominees are supposed to do--but the rest of his speech was about people other than himself. He spent a good bit of time praising Clinton, and popping McCain right in the mouth, and then concluded with a turn to the plural. He was inclusive--what we need to do, what the road ahead of us is. And if Obama keeps that up, McCain is dogmeat.

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