This will likely end badly

First of all, view the following video, and set aside the eye-boggling badness of it for a moment.

So here's what they want--volunteers to do a video profiling a great American story, with the potential that the video maker and the subject will get a prime seat at the convention. You couldn't pay me enough money to be the person who has to vet those stories and ensure that the people involved aren't talented actors and filmmakers out to make a little mischief for the Republicans and make them look foolish. And I don't think it's any secret that the talent in filmmaking leans a bit to the left.

There's always the possibility that they have something in the can already, and that they're doing all this for show. I certainly hope, for their sakes, that that's the case, because otherwise, some underpaid staffer is in for a long, ugly summer.

Of course, given the fact that someone important in his campaign doesn't understand the danger of putting the candidate in front of a green background, there's a good chance they haven't thought that far ahead.

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