Recommended Reading

Lots of good stuff out there today:

Rep. Wexler signs on to the call for Bush's impeachment. There's a poll at the link where you can register your approval or lack thereof to Wexler's actions. (Support is winning handily right now.)

Rep. Wasserman-Schultz is named vice chair of the newly formed LGBT Equality Caucus. The degree to which LGBT rights have gained traction in the last couple of years has been remarkable to me, and I hope they continue on that path.

The McCain campaign learns a valuable lesson about web technology. It's not surprising that they're behind the curve, since the candidate admits to being computer-illiterate. I'm not saying that the POTUS needs to be able to code in C++, but he/she should have a better understanding of computers than Sen. Ted "Toobz" Stevens does.

Confused by capital gains taxes? Hilzoy explains why the changes Sen. Obama is proposing aren't radical, and why, if they'll affect you at all, you can probably afford the hit.

Last but not least, Walrus mourns the death of his car. It's a very touching elegy.

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