If I actually had a list, this sort of thing would actually be far higher than number 846.

But playing with the quiet boat might violate Coral Gate Condominium documents that say no one may put a chair on the grass next to the lake or put a motorboat in the water.

Doing so could get him fined by his condo association, and at least one owner plans to press to enforce the bylaws.
The big draw of a condo is supposed to be the shared financial responsibility for big ticket things that an individual might not be able to cover otherwise--a swimming pool, gated security--as well as shared costs in the event of a major loss and not being responsible for upkeep. Down here, that means you generally get a less expensive unit as well, and when housing prices are nutso like they were a couple of years ago (and still are in many cases), condo ownership might be the only ownership option.

But what you sacrifice...it's not worth it to me. I try not to be misanthropic, but as we all know, as the number of people in an area grows, the chances of one of them being an insufferable douchebag approaches one pretty quickly. But condo ownership makes it worse, because when you're tied to that group contractually, that douchebag gets to mess around in your life. If you ignore said douchebag, you get the stress yourself, and if you respond, you run the risk of becoming one. And for what? So you can "own" a building that you can't really do much to without permission from the group? How is that significantly different from renting again? I guess you get to write off the interest on your taxes if you're still paying for the unit, but you also have to insure the place and pay property taxes on it, so it feels like a wash at best.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I just don't get the draw, and when I read stories like the one above, I get it even less. Maybe a condo owner who loves the setup can enlighten me in the comments.

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