Not the best PR move

Of course, when you're Blackwater, I guess public relations isn't your top priority. Anyway, via Talking Points Memo, a story of how US law isn't good enough for Blackwater. They'd like a nice helping of Shari'a law to help them out with a pesky lawsuit.

Blackwater’s aviation wing recently filed a unique request in federal court, where the widows of three American soldiers are suing the company over a botched flight supporting the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

The company, based in Moyock, doesn’t want the case heard in an American courtroom under American law: it wants the case decided by Shari’a, the Islamic law of Afghanistan.
Oooh. Hyper-patriotic, nationalistic company which depends on psychos in the Congress and the State Department to watch its back while they rip off the federal government for untold millions and help run the bill for the Iraq War to ever more obscene levels suddenly decides that it wants to have a lawsuit heard by a religious court--a religion, mind you, that's been demonized continuously by those same people who've had Blackwater's back all this time. How is that going to play in Peoria, as they* used to say?

Blackwater is doing this because they lost with their first defense, that they were acting as an agent of the federal government and as such can't be sued by soldiers. Shari'a law, according to the article, "does not hold a company responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of their work." Yeah I can see why Blackwater would want the trial shifted to a court with those laws.

Anyway, I'm hoping for a two-fer here. I'd love to see Blackwater's appeal be denied while being excoriated in the public eye for hiding behind a set of religious laws that have been rightly criticized for the way women are treated under them. That would be justice.

*"They," of course, being people other than writers for The Family Guy, who depend on out of date non-sequiturs for half their jokes.

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