Americans in border states are crossing over into Mexico -- for the fuel. It turns out that while gas on this side of the border is going for about $4.55, gas on their side is going for about $2.66.

Why? El Socialism.

The low gasoline and diesel prices that draw Americans here are a result of subsidies provided by the Mexican government to curb inflation and make fuel affordable to the poor.

And Texans love getting in on some socialism, as we all know. Of course, it's not all sunshine and tortillas:

The moment may not last. Severe gasoline and diesel shortages, caused by the increased demand from Americans and delivery problems as well, have been reported from [Texas] to Mexico’s border with California.

You mean, Americans are coming into THEIR country and stealing THEIR gas like they think it belongs to them, and this this is affecting the economy of good, honest, hard-working Mexican people? My God! This is like a war in slow-motion! This is Zach Taylor's revenge! The Americans must be stopped!

I think they should build a FENCE.

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