...Are boring me to tears. I open the New Yorker or Wired or Rolling Stone and inevitably there is some proportion of writing meant to explicate Obama on Religion or McCain on the Environment or both of them on Israel and I just can't even keep my eyes open.

I know exactly who I'm voting for in November, and I earnestly believe that anyone who doesn't know who they're voting for is a frikkin idiot. The bu$h years have been nightmarish -- if you are rich, evil, and living in a religion-inspired hallucination, you think they're sweet like honey and you will vote for McCain (not as good as the usual sweet honey, but close enough for the mortal world); if you're not rich, evil, and living in a hallucination, you won't even consider continuing these nightmare days in any form, with any face. Who's left over to be "undecided"? Morons. So why are so many magazines publishing so many column inches for morons?

Why not use that space for other things? Some more stories on Health and Education and the Iraqi/global refugee crisis, Mars exploration, advances in green tech, and how to grow your own back patio baby lettuces? Or for pictures of cute babies and LOL cats?

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