Saying Joe Lieberman is a tool is akin to saying John McCain lacks political integrity--not a shock and not particularly interesting on its own. For instance, this morning Joe Lieberman said that one reason he's supporting John McCain is because history shows the next president will likely face a terrorist attack in his first year. Presumably, Joe Lieberman feels John McCain is better prepared to deal with such an eventuality, despite the fact that there's absolutely nothing to base that on.

This is a slightly less slimy version of Charlie Black's statement to Fortune magazine wherein he said that a terrorist attack would help McCain's candidacy. The difference is that in this case, the terrorist attack will come after the election rather than before, so the possibility should help McCain's candidacy.

But that's low-hanging fruit. The outrage storm on Black has pretty much blown through the blogosphere already and we really don't expect anything different out of Lieberman.

But I thought this was cute:

Lieberman endorsed McCain for president because, he says, the Democratic Party he joined in the early 1960s is not reflected by the party's current leadership.
Joe Lieberman is saying that John McCain is closer to JFK and Lyndon Johnson than Barack Obama. He's saying that today's Republican party is closer to the party that pushed through the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, huge initiatives that reduced poverty and hunger and pushed this nation toward greater equality between both the races and the genders than the current Democratic party is. That today's Republican party is closer to LBJ's Great Society than today's Democrats are.

That's news to us progressives because we are, if anything, pissed off that today's Democratic party isn't progressive enough, and the Republicans certainly aren't better on anything that matters to us. I'm sure it would come as a shock to those millions of McCain supporters that he's a dirty hippie as well.

There is one notable similarity. First Kennedy and then Johnson kept doubling down on a bad strategy in an unnecessary war. Then again, so did Nixon, and it seems to me that if Joe Lieberman wants to make a comparison to someone from that period, Tricky Dick is a much closer fit.

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