Back in May, Amy wrote about an Ocala woman who tried to sell her house by tying it to an essay contest. Well, the verdict is in, and the contest has been cancelled.

Giovannetti said on her Web site that she had halted the competition due to a low response, despite coverage by several television stations and newspapers, including the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Although she originally planned to keep the contest open until July 23, the rules gave her the right to cancel at any time.

Giovannetti and her attorney, Eric Gifford, did not respond to several e-mails and telephone calls from the Sun-Sentinel. But she told the Ocala Star-Banner that she decided to cancel after receiving only 38 entries by May 29.
Not a huge shock. Giovannetti was basically banking on 6,000 people with an extra two hundred bucks in their pockets and enough confidence in their writing skills to take a good chance on losing it. It's one thing to risk a fiver on the lotto--your skills aren't a part of the equation, and you're not depending on someone else's personal taste to validate your lotto number choices to call you the winner (unlike being in a first-book-of-poetry contest, for example).

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