I'll save you some time

Newsweek asks Is Wal-Mart Too Liberal?"


Now that that's out of the way, the story is really about a group called the National Legal and Policy Center, an inoffensive enough name that hides a pretty whacked out group. Why are they claiming Wal-Mart is liberal?

But in recent years, as it faced growing pressure from liberal activists, Wal-Mart has begun to make changes. It began offering more-robust health-insurance coverage to workers. Its CEO voiced support for raising the minimum wage. It has launched an ambitious environmental program.
Mind you, this is the company that sells cd's censored of explicit lyrics, that until 2006 refused to stock the Plan B emergency contraceptive pill, the same year they added gays and lesbians to their anti-discrimination policy. It's not calling for universal health care, not offering partner benefits to its LGBT employees, and its recent environmental stance came largely due to the realization that it could save millions of dollars a year in energy costs. However, it does import the overwhelming majority of its goods from one of the largest polluters on the planet, China. By no reasonable measure is Wal-Mart too liberal, unless you're Pete Flaherty, who runs the NLPC.

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