Ever notice that when a particular class of Christian makes an iffy decision, they always try to justify it by invoking God? I don't blame them, really--it's worked for millennia, after all--but it has the effect of making God look like He's really out of touch at times.

For example, take Jay Kaplan. He runs a youth baseball program in Pompano Beach he calls "Christian Little League." Little League Baseball, Inc. too exception with that name, as anyone with a basic knowledge of trademark law might expect. (One presumes that an omniscient god has at least a basic knowledge of US trademark law.) But when faced with cease-and-desist letters, and with a lawsuit, Jay Kaplan said he had no plans to change the group's moniker, which he said was "God's idea."

"Christian Little League" was God's idea? That's the best God could come up with? I doubt it. Christian Little League sounds more like the best that an unimaginative putz running a youth baseball league and looking to trade on an established name was able to come up with. And the court rightly saw that.

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