Dear Senator Geller,

I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you to can your outrage over the decision by the Rules & Bylaws Committee to seat the Florida delegation at half-strength. Here are your comments on the ruling:

He is "completely unsatisfied" with the party's action on Saturday. "Overall I was vastly unhappy. If they'd offered us that compromise six months ago, we'd have told them to drop dead.

"Does that mean they only want us to turn out half as many Democrats as usual or when they come down here to raise money they want us to raise only half as much money as we normally raise? It's just completely unacceptable."
And here are your comments that helped set this whole thing in motion.

Don't act all upset with the DNC for sanctioning us in the first place when it was your wink & nod routine that weakened our appeal. I think that what you're really upset about is that the DNC pointed out that you're not a player in this process, and that stung your ego a little. You thought you'd be cute, you thought you'd play footsy with the Republicans in the Florida legislature, introduce an amendment without an iota of desire to actually argue for it, and the DNC would play along. They didn't, and you've acted like a petulant child ever since then.

So knock it off. We've gotten back half of what you helped lose for us. This is bigger than your ego or your candidate, and it's time you started acting like you know that.

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