Al Gore Endorses Obama

Al Gore is endorsing Barack Obama tonight, which in my mind chimes the start of the official election season more than Clinton's withdrawal did or the Denver convention will. Maybe it's because, oh, I don't know, Al Gore was voted in as president of the United States by the American people and the Supreme Court's unconstitutional assistance of the bu$h coup led to the most nightmarish 8 years of American undemocracy I ever feared, and therefore Gore has taken on the patina of the president who might-have-been, the president of an alternate reality where 9/11 probably never happened, the US is beloved around the world even if it did, and the US economy is strong on the back of Green Technologies -- maybe that's why it seems like a big deal?

Anyway, I've seized the day in my own little way: by donating a few bucks and putting a link to the Obama campaign website under Amy's Faves, there to the left. 

In November we vote for the future. Until then, we work for it. Allons-y!

The live streaming is here:
Here are some placeholders until the vid makes it to youtube (and therefore onto this blog):

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