And if you did, people would condemn it as an improbable fiction.

Woman dancing on bar sets customer on fire in Miami-Dade

May 19, 2008

A woman dancing on a bar accidentally set a man on fire early Sunday after noticing her foot was in flames, Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue said.

The woman, described as in her 20s, was at Drake's Bar in Kendall when she agreed to help out with a display involving liquor and fire, authorities said. According to Fire Rescue, she hopped on the bar, started dancing, then realized her foot was engulfed in flames.

She reacted by accidentally kicking the flaming mixture into a passer-by, Fire-Rescue said.

Paramedics arrived at the bar, 13758 SW 88th St., about 2 a.m. The man suffered burns to about 20 percent of his upper body, authorities said. Paramedics took him to Ryder Trauma Center's burn unit. The woman was taken to a hospital.
So often people "described as in her 20s" are kind enough to "help out" with "displays" that "involve liquor and fire" and their good intentions are turned to disaster. When will we ever learn?

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