Who's the bigger draw?

Newsbusters is positive they've caught the liberal media in a dastardly act again, this time about Barack Obama's record-breaking Portland rally. You might have heard something about it--75,000 or so people showing up for a campaign rally. But what did the NY Times leave out of the story?

The Decemberists.

Now I like The Decemberists. They show up on my Random Tens from time to time--I have "Picaresque" and a song off "The Crane Wife" that they released through emusic. But even though they're from Portland, does anyone really think that they were the draw, and not Obama? Anyone outside SusanUnPC, I mean. The Decembrists are good, and one day, they might be 75,000-people-in-an-arena popular, but given the size of Obama's win in Oregon, I think it's safe to say that the majority of the crowd was drawn to the politician, not the band.

The NY Times probably should have mentioned it, but that's a sign of laziness more than of bias.

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