There's no place better to go than No Quarter. SusanUnPC is at it again; this time, she's trying to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama can't beat McCain, but Clinton can. And what is she using as proof?

Rove’s Latest Electoral Maps Have Clinton Stronger Than Obama Against McCain
I almost lack the heart to mock her. Not really.

Karl Rove's maps prove that Clinton is better than Obama at beating McCain. Karl Rove.

Let that sink in for a moment so you can grasp the full enormity of the stupid in that statement.

Karl Rove, who is working with John McCain's campaign, has maps which "prove" Clinton is the better candidate. Karl Rove, who said in 2006 that the Republicans would hold the House because he had "THE math," says Clinton will be a better candidate against McCain. Whether you want to bash Rove for being wrong or for being conflicted, there's a whole lot of reason to distrust anything he says, and not much of one to trust him.

Unless you're SusanUnPC.

This is not to say that Clinton wouldn't be a better candidate than Obama--perhaps she would be. The truth is that we'll never know, because we only get to run one of them this time around, and both are likely to win. But using Karl Rove's maps as proof positive brings a whole new layer of the stupid to bear on this discussion.

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