I was wondering why we got a comment on a month-old post today--a comment which Amy responded to quite ably, I might add--which suggested, quite snarkily, that south Florida should secede from the northern part of the state.

Well, it seems the North Lauderdale City Commission has the same idea, and Margate is going to take up the resolution tomorrow.

The April 29th North Lauderdale resolution states that "the City Commission... has no confidence in the State Legislature's ability to recognize the practical impact of its decisions or how its decisions demonstrably affect municipalities that directly provide essential public services to the citizens and residents of the State; and the City Commission deems a division of the State to be in the best interests of the citizens and residents of the State."
The person who introduced the resolution knows it's not going anywhere, but I'm glad he made the statement all the same. The legislature is bleeding us dry and has been for a long time. Why should we stay attached to a state government that doesn't represent us?

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