Shorter Stanley Fish

If universities are so liberal, why are there so many conservatives?

Okay, that's more an interpretation of Fish's point than what he actually said, but the argument still holds. Fish is talking about the plans made by the President of the University of Colorado at Boulder to create a Chair in Conservative Thought and Policy. Why? The answer is obvious--the university is liberal and needs some "balance." Fish disposes of that nonsense quite nicely.

But there's a larger point I'd like to make here. Conservatives are some of the biggest scaredy-cats around. There are enemies everywhere for them, whether in the form of a not-quite-a-keffiyeh wearing Rachael Ray in a Dunkin Donuts commercial, a presidential candidate with an untypical name, a media they believe is liberal or an educational system they're convinced is brainwashing their kids into believing psychotic thoughts such as evolution or that gay people aren't aliens.

All I have to say to that is that if we're supposed to be indoctrinating young people, we're doing a pretty crappy job of it, considering that the country is still about 50-50, electorally speaking.

Even when they were in complete control of the government, they didn't let up. Enemies were everywhere, always looking to undermine the American way of life, always convinced that liberals had some kind of zombie-creating mind-control lasers in our eyes, when all we really have are ideas that have to be thought out, debated, and can't simply be reduced to an argument from authority.

In other words, we're way more interesting than conservatives, and that's what really makes us dangerous.

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