The headline reads "The White Stuff", with the subhead "A new NEWSWEEK Poll underscores Obama's racial challenge." This is their argument:

Even as he closes in on the Democratic nomination for the presidency, Sen. Barack Obama is facing lingering problems winning the support of white voters--including some in his own party. In a new NEWSWEEK Poll of registered voters, Obama trails presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain 40 percent to 52 percent among whites.
Sounds bad, right? Except that when I looked up the exit polls from 2004, I found that Bush beat Kerry among white voters 58-41. So why is this disastrous for Obama? McCain is underperforming Bush among white voters, and it's certainly reasonable to think that Obama will not only match Kerry among African-American voters (88-11) but will pull even higher turnout in that group. What am I missing here?

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