You know the economy is in trouble when people start turning to the "Poetry Contest" model to sell their homes:

Woman holds essay contest for $1.25 million Ocala home

OCALA - An Ocala woman is offering her $1.25 million home as a prize to the winner of a ``pet lover'' essay contest.

Entrants in Clementina Marie Giovannetti's contest must pay a $200 fee. They must also submit a cover letter, the essay and a photo of the pet to be considered in the competition.

Giovannetti has set a minimum number of entries at 6,250 and contest rules allow her to extend her July 23 entry deadline or to cancel the contest if she doesn't get enough entries.

Attorney Eric Gifford, who drafted the contest rules, says he has been contacted by several Florida homeowners interested in similar contests.

Gifford says Giovannetti's property, purchased in early 2006, had been on the market for more than a year.
Yes, 6,250 x $200 = the asking price of the house. Cuuuute.

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