This is abuse, and everyone in that school who enabled this conduct ought to be looking for new jobs, preferably ones that don't involve young children.

Alex Barton is a 5-year-old boy who, until this last week, was a kindergarten student at Morningside Elementary School in Port. St. Lucie, Florida. Apparently young Mr. Barton has been disruptive in class, and was sent to the principal's office.

Upon his return to class, the teacher, one Wendy Portillo, led Alex up to the front of the class, at which point she instructed the other students to each say what they didn't like about Alex.

I need to write it again: a kindergarten teacher brought a student to the front of the class and led the rest of the class in a public discussion of what each of them thought was wrong, or bad, about that student.

She then had a class vote over whether Alex should remain in the class. He lost that vote, 14-2. In a move that honestly boggles my mind, she then treated that as a legitimate vote and required Alex to spend the rest of the day in the nurse's office.

Alex's parents were not notified by the principal, the teacher or the nurse about what had happened. His mother discovered him leaving the nurse's office when she arrived to pick him up from school.

According to the article, the other students told Alex he was disgusting and annoying, and Alex has been repeating "I'm not special" over and over since the incident. When his mother drops his siblings off at that school, Alex starts screaming.
What causes a teacher to think that's appropriate? I wouldn't do that kind of thing to my college students, and they're adults, more able to handle this sort of shaming exercise. A kindergartner is defenseless. That kid is going to be dealing with this for a long time to come.

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