One of Jon Stewart's best bits is when his staff gathers together a bunch of talking heads and/or government officials all spouting the same word or phrase and strings them together in a tasty 30 second to 1 minute clip. It's more educational than funny, because it points out 1) how lazy the media is and 2) how controlled the message is.

I have a low threshold for that kind of crap, however. I get tired of catchphrases quickly and that fatigue turns to anger easily. Back in 2004, when I was a little more, ahem, vibrant in my feelings on issues, I went off on the term electability.

And what did the party give us? Electability. I swear, if I hear that word come up in the next primary season, somebody's getting hurt. Like baseball bat hurt.
That's the tame part of the rant--I don't recommend the rest of it.

And this year's model? "Thrown under the bus." There aren't enough busses in the world to cover the number of people and groups who've theoretically been thrown under them in the last year. Every interest group who's had a minor demand ignored, every potentially embarrassing friend, they've all been grabbed by the back of the collar and shoved into the exit lane of the Greyhound station. It makes one consider going into business as an entrail scraper for Broward County Transit. Was that a bit much?

No more busses, please. No more people or groups being tossed under them. I know it might actually take a moment's thought to come up with a new metaphor to describe the phenomenon of politicians distancing themselves from colleagues or supporters with ideas that diverge from their own, but please, make the effort.

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