Last September I wrote the following in response to a piece by Gail Collins:

By the time the convention rolls around, Florida's delegates will be quietly seated, especially if the winner of the nomination won Florida's delegates, and even more especially if not seating them would result in a potential for a brokered convention. Remember--conventions are stage-managed fairylands where the party looks competent and unified before anything else. You don't want a floor fight if you're Howard Dean, so there won't be one.
And lo and behold, what did Barack Obama say today?
WASHINGTON - Barack Obama, growing confident he will be the Democratic presidential nominee, promised a group of uncommitted superdelegates on Thursday that Florida's delegation will be counted at the party's national convention this summer.

"He assured us that Florida delegates will be at the convention, and they'll have their party hats on," South Florida Rep. Tim Mahoney, D- Palm Beach Gardens and an uncommitted superdelegate, reported from the meeting.
The punishment meted out by the DNC has been effective--the goal was to make sure that neither Florida nor Michigan affected the candidate selection process, and if Obama making this promise pushes him over the threshold with the superdelegates, then seating these two states won't matter, even if he does it as-is. It's a gamble--superdelegates can change their minds, after all--but the pressure on them to stay faithful once they've announced would be enormous, and the backlash should they flip to Clinton after making Obama the presumptive nominee would be party-shattering.

Just to be clear, this only applies to Florida--Michigan is up in the air, and given that Clinton rejected the Michigan Democratic party's "solution" yesterday, who knows what's going to happen with them. I agree with zuzu in part--it's a non-starter as solutions go--though I disagree with her other characterizations of the race, especially her refusal to acknowledge Clinton's hypocrisy in this mess. That said, this is a start, and a not particularly surprising one. Howard Dean said on The Daily Show last week that the DNC would find a way to seat Florida and Michigan. It just won't happen before we have a nominee, which is as it should be. By the way, I think this would have played out the same way if Clinton had steamrolled to victory. It's just the way it had to play out.

Here's the Random Ten--put the iTunes on party shuffle and post the next ten songs to pop out. Here we go.
1. Redemption Song--Arrested Development
2. Backlash Blues--Nina Simone
3. World of Two--Cake
4. Big in Japan--Tom Waits
5. Don't Mess With the Dragon--Ozomatli
6. Double Dutch Bus--Sugarhill Gang
7. Stardust--Luscious Jackson
8. Hush--Squirrel Nut Zippers
9. His Eye Is On the Baptist--Big Smith
10. Sunshine--Todd Snider
So, what are you listening to?

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