Happy Cinco de Mayo!

In honor of the independence celebration taking place in the nation to our south, (as opposed to the crappy-tequila drinking and jalapeno-eating contests that take place in chain restaurants across this nation), I present some words of wisdom from the Mexican, Gustavo Arellano.

Are there specific things that “white” Americans are doing in everyday interactions with Mexicans and other Hispanics in the United States that really irritate you? I’m talking about the little, misguided actions of otherwise-well-meaning people, not the name-calling, sneering vocalizations and behaviors of racists.

Curious in Cudahy

Dear Gabacho: Not really. If a gabacho mispronounces Spanish words, I understand it’s not his native tongue. If he gets drunk this Cinco de Mayo on Jose Cuervo and Corona and not Herradura and Bohemia, I figure it’s because a Mexican hasn’t taught him the bueno booze. Mexicans and gabachos are two different cultures, and no one can honestly expect each side to seamlessly understand the other in this country, nor should they want to—the bumps and bruises caused by the conflict are what creates these United States. The key difference is that Mexicans understand this point and eventually assimilate gabacho culture into theirs, while gabachos steadfastly refuse to incorporate some wabness into their lives outside of such superficial traits as food and women, and they get mad when we don’t absorb their cultural markers fast enough. For the millionth time, gabachos: Mexicans. Assimilation. Believe it. And happy Cinco de Mayo!
While I am a huge fan of Herradura, I'm less a fan of Bohemia than I am of Negra Modelo. I will always contend, however, that there is never a reason to drink Corona. Any beer that requires a lime to make it remotely palatable isn't worth the effort to drink it.

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