Good for them

Via Erik at Alterdestiny, a story about a corporation that decided to take a stand on the Confederate Flag.

Kudos to the store BJs (unfortunate name there) in Jacksonville for not allowing one of their employees to park his truck in their employee parking lot so long as he insists on flying the Confederate flag on it. They claim to be protecting the rights of other workers and I think that is absolutely right. Flying the Confederate flag is akin to flying the Nazi flag, or at least to the flag of apartheid South Africa. You can't ban those symbols but you can enact a high social cost for flying them.

The guy flying it is now walking a half-mile into work and says that he will give up his job before taking down his flag. North Florida--home to America's best and brightest.
There's video from at the link in the quote--it's disturbing, because the reporter seems to present the truck owner as some sort of hero for standing up for his right to fly the flag.

BJ's is making a smart move here by telling its employee that he can't park a vehicle with a racist symbol in the employee parking lot. If they allow it, they open themselves up to charges of supporting racist speech. There are few companies which want that kind of public relations nightmare, and they're the kinds which pander to racists. BJ's sounds like they just want to keep that sort of thing off its property, which sounds like a good policy to me.

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