Enough already

Look, Senator Clinton, I know that as a group, voters are dumb. Florida voters proved that last election when we approved a tax cut that would put very little money in the average property owner's pocket, but would cause painful service cuts state-wide. So I get it, why you're pushing the gas tax suspension. You're counting on the notion that most people won't do the math, won't realize that they'd save, at best, less than three bucks a fill-up, and that you'll be able to drown out all those people looking at the idea and saying it's a bad idea at best. So I get this ad, I really do.

I just find it insulting. I find it insulting personally, and I find it insulting on behalf of Americans everywhere, because you're saying we're too stupid to realize what you're offering us, and even if that's true, it's still not right. You're better than this, Senator, and we deserve better from you.

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