Crist as VP?

The Miami Herald has a piece today on Charlie Crist and John McCain's presidential prospects, a subject I touched on a few days ago, and they come to much the same conclusions I did, i.e. that Crist helps McCain in Florida but not much elsewhere.

But it's the overall tone of the piece that I found interesting. There's a sense that the Herald feels like Florida isn't going to be that much in play this year, but more importantly, that it doesn't really matter to the Democrats if it is. For example:

But where McCain must win Florida to win the White House, Obama must simply make a show of fighting hard for Florida, the nation's fourth most-populous state. The reason: Among the largest states, Democrats are all but guaranteed California and New York, while only Texas is a Republican given. And McCain can't afford to win only one of the big four.

So the Democratic Illinois senator needs to spend just enough time and money to force the Arizona senator to spend more time and money here. That would allow Obama to focus more on must-win states like Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
It's an understatement to say that this attitude toward GOP Presidential politics is unusual to find in a newspaper, despite the claims by right-wing blowhards about the liberal media. It's also interesting to see the paper acknowledge what lots of people have been saying for a while--Obama can win elsewhere, and McCain is the titular head of an increasingly regional party.

It's also interesting that the Herald doesn't even treat a Florida win as the clincher for McCain. It's more of a "if McCain wants to even have a shot, he has to win Florida" sort of attitude, and they don't write off Obama's chances in the state completely either.
Polls show McCain clings to a narrow lead here over Obama -- bouyed[sic] by Democratic infighting as Hillary Clinton slugs it out.
The closer it is, the more excitement there will be for getting out the vote for our Congressional candidates, and that's good news for us.

The Miami Herald isn't alone in this sense. The NY Times has a particularly pessimistic piece about McCain today also worth reading. It covers some ground the blogs have trodden pretty thoroughly--that the Republican brand is no good right now and that some Republican leaders don't get it. Okay, that's my translation--the article says that some Republican leaders are upset that McCain hasn't used the last couple of months since he became the presumptive nominee to pull away from either Obama or Clinton. Teddy Roosevelt would have trouble pulling away given how crap the Republican brand has become thanks to King George the Lesser--maybe those Republican leaders ought to do some frank self-assessment here.

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