Via Transit Miami, a story about how the Tri-Rail, poorly designed as it is, poorly run as it has been for the entirety of its existence until recently, which has managed to increase ridership enormously in the last year in spite of all that, is now facing cutbacks.

I was actually looking into taking the Tri-Rail this fall back and forth to Boca, because if Amy and I don't carpool--and our schedules preclude that this year--it becomes financially feasible, especially when you factor in wear and tear on vehicles and the cost of parking passes. And the train schedule, at present, looks reasonable--about a 30 minute ride from station to campus, if everything runs on time (and there's no reason to believe it will). But even if it's twice that, it's time not spent in south Florida traffic, and it's more environmentally friendly. But not if they're going to do this:

Tri-Rail executive director Joseph Giulietti said the agency would have to kill its entire Saturday, Sunday, and holiday service — about 15 trains a day — and reduce weekday commuter service from 50 trains down to 20.
This is head-bashingly frustrating. Talk about going in the wrong direction. This part of the country needs more public transportation, not less. It's enough to make a person want to move.

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