I have to say that when this primary season ends, I hope No Quarter doesn't wither up and dry like I suspect it will, because they've been a treasure trove for me in recent weeks. I rarely have to scroll down more than a post or two, and I've got something.

Take this this piece of work. It's going after Obama because he's said in the past that he'd be willing to talk to the leaders of foreign powers who are currently hostile to us--the No Quarter folks aren't big fans of that. But that's not the fun part. This is.

Well true, the Ayotollah Khomeini is the Supreme Leader of Iran but he doesn’t run the day-to-day affairs of the Iranian government. Ahmadinejad has more day-to-day control and while the Ayotallah Khomenini is likely to sign off on any high level contact between the United States and the Islamic Republic, it is unlikely that the Iranians would want to exclude Ahmadinejad from those deliberations.
Bolding is mine. At first glance you might think that I'm going to go after the two different spellings. I'm not--that would be the easy shot.

I'm no foreign policy expert, but I do know that the Ayatollah Khomeini, who was Supreme Leader of Iran in 1979, died in 1989. Wikipedia can be your friend. I also know that the current Supreme leader of Iran is the Ayatollah Khamenei, and has been since--yep, 1989. All I'm saying is that if you're going to blast a candidate as being ignorant on foreign affairs, you might want to check your names and make sure you're got them right.

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