Brian Challenged Me come up with better cat photos. I'd also like to take this opportunity to tell anyone with a cat that a urinary blockage can kill your cat in a matter of hours. Keep an eye on that litter box, friends! And know the number to the all-night emergency vet!

When we took Wally to our vet, he felt baby's bladder and said that without a catheter, Wally would soon be a dead cat. He had to spend a weekend with a catheter in, and this week he's on a combo of psychotropic happy-drugs and opium-based pain killers. Can you tell?

It's been almost as hard on Eliot, who is extremely weirded out by all the strange druggie smells coming off of Wally, not to mention Wally's odd behavior -- walking into things, love-licking Eliot no matter how much Eliot tries to hiss him away. And he's always got this look on his face like...

"Is this shit contagious?"

[EDIT/ADDED: Wally's World:


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