There are days

I wish Aaron Magruder were still writing The Boondocks--most of them, in fact. But especially today, because I'd like to see him respond to this:

The billionaire founder of Black Entertainment Television says Barack Obama would not be a leading presidential candidate if he were white and that the Illinois senator's campaign has "a hair-trigger on anything racial."....

"Geraldine Ferraro said it right," Johnson added. "The problem is, Geraldine Ferraro is white. This campaign has such a hair-trigger on anything racial it is almost impossible for anybody to say anything."
Mr. Magruder, the floor is yours. In the meantime, I'm trying to find that banned episode that expresses the deep loathing Magruder has for Bob Johnson, although pretty much any episode that has Huey and Riley watching BET will do. YouTube has yanked a lot of them, it looks like. But there is this piece from the episode titled "The Return of the King," and Magruder makes his opinion pretty clear around 1:52.

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