Random Reading

Okay, not really random, but I don't want to be so presumptuous as to say "Must-Reads." But I do recommend them, at the very least.

Elle is looking for a word.

The Florida Progressive Coalition has a list of things for you to do, if you've got a minute or two.

Shakesville has some faint praise for John McCain.

Newt Gingrich helpfully informs us that we of the left admire American terrorists. Abortion clinic bombers are not, presumably, considered American terrorists by Mr. Gingrich.

No change in the Florida State Song.
Edit: One more to add: Screw Fed-Ex

And finally, two engineers provide a guide to cats.

Feel free to leave any links you wish in the comments. I'm trying to not grade, and I'm not going to succeed much longer on my own.

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