Quote of the Day

No, I'm not planning on making this a regular feature, but sometimes a quote just falls in your lap.

“This is a tremendous social crisis, greater even than the issue of slavery.”--Pastor Hayes Wicker

What do you suppose this crisis is? The millions of people without access to healthcare in this country? The millions of people living in poverty? The plight of the working poor? Global warming? AIDS in Africa?

Come on. Do you really think I'd be blogging about this if it actually made sense?
Most press conferences don’t include flower girls, wedding cakes and the renewal of wedding vows.

But most press conferences aren’t to address what its organizers called, “the foundational institution of all society.”

Naples’ First Baptist Church held one of 10 press conferences that occurred around the state Thursday to begin the formal campaign to make gay marriage unconstitutional in November.
Yep. The social crisis, even greater than the issue of slavery, that Pastor Wicker is proclaiming, is the fact that while Florida has no fewer than 4 laws banning gay marriage, there is no constitutional prohibition on same-sex marriage. Amendment 2 would actually do more than ban same-sex marriage--it could do away with any sort of domestic partnership, even among heterosexual couples. A number of groups have come out against Amendment 2, but since Pastor Wicker has put it in such vivid perspective for me, I suppose I have to rethink my position.

That was easy. Screw him. Vote No on Amendment 2.

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