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Since I've been spending so much time writing about the Florida Legislature lately, I've been thinking about making a whole section on it, complete with cutesy name. I'm trying this one out, since so often the legislature makes me think about killing myself. I'm sure I'm not the first one to come up with it, but it's new to me.

So--the latest. The ill-named "Academic Freedom Act," which would provide freedom for knuckle-dragging teachers in Florida to teach creationism in the classroom without fear of retribution, passed the Senate today by a vote of 21-17. And the saddest part is that this is the "good" bill.

It passed 21-17 and now goes to the House. That chamber is considering a version of the bill that would not just permit but require teachers to present "critical analysis" of the theory of evolution. The Senate rejected that version of the bill.
While I do appreciate the proper use of the scare quotes in that sentence, I don't appreciate the fact that the Florida legislature is trying its damnedest to set the state's education even farther back than it already is.

But you know what might help these legislators wake up to the error of their ways? A subscription to National Geographic. Or maybe even a link to the National Geographic website. Hat tip Melissa
The rapid physical evolution also sparked changes in the lizard's social and behavioral structure, he said. For one, the plentiful food sources allowed for easier reproduction and a denser population.

The lizard also dropped some of its territorial defenses, the authors concluded.

Such physical transformation in just 30 lizard generations takes evolution to a whole new level, Irschick said.

It would be akin to humans evolving and growing a new appendix in several hundred years, he said.

"That's unparalleled. What's most important is how fast this is," he said.
That's right. Evolution happened on this island in just 30 lizard generations--just over 30 years. Intelligent Design that, Ben Stein.

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