Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage, Michelle Malkin, will be able to crow soon, if she hasn't started already. The Absolut Vodka Company, in response to Bill-Donohue-quality faux outrage, has decided to apologize for an ad that required no apology. What the people at Absolut don't realize is that their apology won't make a difference. The idiots who blew an o-ring over this ad aren't going to drink your vodka now no matter what you do, because they perceive you to be traitors in the war against brown-people-who-are-coming-here-to-steal-our-jobs-and-give-us-leprosy. (Ask Lou Dobbs about that last bit.) Once you've crossed that line for them, there is no redemption, only punishment. They'll gladly receive you as though they're Pope Gregory VII and you're the German Emperor, come to kneel in the snow and beg absolution, but they'll never buy your product again.

And you know something? It doesn't matter. You're a freaking worldwide company making hundreds of millions of dollars a year, if not more, and they're a handful of blowhards with nothing better to do than swarm when Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage decides she wants another trophy for the wall. Ignore her. She can't hurt you. She only has the power you give her.

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