There is a global food crisis, and the "news" media, from NPR to CNN to the NYTimes, are all saying something to the effect of this: the food crisis is threatening to lead to "social unrest."

Correction: the food crisis is threatening to lead to starvation. The "social unrest" is the reaction to the starvation: the kicks resulting from the pangs; the screaming necessary to get the attention of the monopoly-holders on the global food supply -- you know, us: we rich, powerful, well-fed, but apparently heartless shits at the top of the "food chain" who should maybe do something about the fact that people -- whose food we've diverted into the bellies of our bovines-for-BBQ -- are going to starve to death. But aw, we sure hate them veggies. And blood tastes so good...

Thing is, it's not just the blood of cows, anymore.

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