I'm having trouble focusing on the important things.

I know I should be desperately worried about a preacher named Wright and how he's messing up a presidential campaign, but I keep getting distracted by the fact that I've still got a week 'til payday, and due to crazy insane prices on food and gas, I've only got 7 practically worthless US dollars in the bank.

I know I should be devastated by those photos of Hannah Montana looking fresh from a fistfuck, but I'm still distracted by my relief at the defeat of an attempt to steal away my right to choose (see Brian's post below) by the greatest would-be fistfuckers of them all: the FL Lege.

I've heard I should be interested in The Draft the NFL just participated in, and boy I tried, but the phrase "The Draft" distracted me without even trying, making me worry about a possible president John McCain, and my nephews who will definitely meet Draft Age within "100 years."

I get that I was supposed to be inspired by the Pope -- and convinced that he's not really an evil kitten-eating vampire he seems to be -- but damn it, the rising crime and homelessness, the rampant unemployment among strangers and among those closest to me, it all keeps distracting me!

Oh and today I hear that Charlie Crist hit on Morgan Fairchild, and that the child star is "embarrassed" and that Obama is "outraged" and I know I should care -- I know I should be able to focus my thoughts on these important, front page top of column, stories. But I just can't.

I guess I'm just too caught up in my selfish little world.

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