Why did Bill Richardson wait until he was no longer a candidate for president to grow his beard? I think he would have polled better: this is a good-looking man in a beard. While smooth-faced, he seemed less serious, less strong, less confident... less sexy-bearded-guy who would look superhot in the White House. You know what the "before" pictures look like. I'm not going to bother posting those borin' ol' things. But look at this:

Or this:

Or even this, from when it wasn't fully grown in yet:

It has never been more clear that the beard makes the man. I think he looks downright Vice-Presidential. He's my number 1 pick for number 2 guy. "Obama/Richardson" has a nice ring to it, as does "Barack and Bill." They could do a presidential calendar -- leaving the shirtless shots for the younger Mr. Obama, of course, I'm picturing some fine drawing-room style seduction-shots with a lightly shadowed Richardson-by-the-fire. Oh yeah. Those New Mexico winters are cold, baby. Bring those bristles over here and warm me up.

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