Be Hot Now!

Follow this vid to youtube to find others showing the transformations of ordinary-looking famous people to WOW ZOWIE KAZAM HOT famous people -- all through the power of photoshop.

This woman is not a famous, but this transformation ought to be. Photoshop is magic. Watch as, in just over 3 minutes, an average American woman is taken -- very convincingly! -- down to average-Asian-woman size.

You could sell this as a new "NO DIET LOOK SLIMMER NOW!" scam, er, plan, so long as your vict-, er, customers can exist only as images online. Which is less and less difficult these days.

EDIT: After reading up some more on this, I've discovered that the reason it looks so "easy" to shrink a human body using photoshop is because photoshop includes a tool specifically designed to do exactly that. I think that gives a sense of how popular that particular "application" of the program really is. They've taken what would have been a complex series of steps to completely reshape a person's body and made it into a "tool" that gives the desired effect in a relative snap. I've always known that all of the pictures in magazines etc. are "cleaned up" (they used to call it "airbrushing" -- a more primitive tool of a more primitive age), but what is done these days goes far beyond removing a zit or a thigh dimple -- this is surgery, reshaping the appearance of the person completely, and giving a very false idea of what the human animal looks like, even at its very best. /preaching

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