Yesterday, I gave you the news that the abortion sonogram bill in the Florida Senate was expected to fail. Well, it did.

A proposed law asking a woman to look at an ultrasound image of her fetus before having an abortion in Florida was defeated in the Senate by a tie, 20-20 vote following over an hour of passionate debate.

Mired in reproductive choice and small-government sentiments, the bill formed an unusual alliance between pro-life Republicans and pro-choice Democrats that ultimately defeated it.

Proponents of the bill, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Daniel Webster, R-Winter Garden, say it would help women make a more informed medical decision.

Opponents aaw it as an attack on a woman’s right to choose and say it would adversely impact poor women by raising the cost of an abortion.
And the opponents are exactly right, because there's no other point to forcing women to pay extra for a ultrasound before they have an abortion other than to limit women's options. A pregnant woman doesn't need an ultrasound to know what she's doing when she terminates a pregnancy--she's intimately aware of what is going on inside her body, far more aware than any legislator in Tallahassee is.

Not that this is over. To kill this bill, Democrats had to peel off 6 Republicans, and this year, the bill got closer than it ever has before. It will be back, worse than ever next year. Our state and local elections will be more important than ever this November because the big three bills that I've been railing about are still going to be issues, and our margins of victory have 1) been slim and 2) are dependent on moderate Republicans, a vanishing breed.

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