What took so long?

Douchebag Supreme Joe Francis may be out of jail, but he still has legal problems. The Girls Gone Wild founder and slime-heir to Larry Flynt (without the latter's penchant for outing hypocritical Congresspeople) has been sued by women claiming they were underage when they bared all for his videos.

Four additional women sued him last week alleging he exploited them. They say they were 17, 16, 15 and 13 when the company solicited them to participate in sexually provocative videos in 2003 and earlier. They want unspecified monetary damages.
I can't be the only person who, when those videos first came out, saw this as an inevitability, both the underage part and the contractual issues. I'm not even a lawyer and I saw huge problems, not the least of which was the issue of whether a drunk person can agree to a contract of the sort Francis and his people were offering.

I hope they take him for every penny he has and then some.

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