I don't have a lot of respect for Bill Nelson. He crosses the aisle to vote with Republicans on important civil liberties issues way too often for my taste, and the only reason I voted for him two years ago was simply because his opponent was Katherine Harris, and there was no way I was passing up my chance for payback for what she did in 2000. Plus, it's not like he's done a whole lot for the Florida Democratic party during his time as its most prominent elected official. So I can't say I like his tone much in the following interview when discussing the call for a re-vote in Florida.

There was a time to speak out about this, Senator, and it was a long time ago. You might have said something back when the DNC warned that there would be consequences to moving up the primary date. You might have said something when the DNC made clear what those consequences would be. You might have said something about it when you stood with Hillary Clinton while she celebrated her "win" in Florida's primary, but I suspect you never figured it would get to this point. Clinton was going to steamroll Obama on Super Tuesday and walk to the nomination, and as the candidate would pressure the credentials committee to seat the delegates, no harm, no foul.

Obviously, that didn't happen, and now your candidate needs Florida to have an outside shot at making it close enough to sway superdelegates her way at the convention, perhaps with the promise of a Clinton-Obama ticket.

You know something, Senator? We don't need it. Florida Democrats have better things to spend their limited resources on--though we sure wouldn't mind some help in raising money, if you've got the time. And the state is facing pretty massive cutbacks as it is, and so you're right--we shouldn't spend taxpayer money on another election. And the DNC needs to spend the resources it has on continuing the massive work they've done on the fifty-state strategy, which has already produced results and will hopefully do even more in this election.

We've had our go at it, and I think we have better things to do now. Besides, it's not like we'll be ignored come the general election. Clinton leads McCain in Florida, and Obama is only two points back of him, according to SUSA, and 27 electoral votes are a succulent prize, so our lack of primary attention won't matter in the overall equation. No do-overs, I say. Let's look forward to the general election, no matter who the candidate is.

Here's the Random Ten. I was going to do a special Langerado edition, since that's going on locally, but I don't think I have music from ten of the bands there, and I'd rather not repeat if I don't have to. Hopefully the crazy weather today didn't mess up the joint too badly, and there will be some kickass performances. The iTunes is open, Party Shuffle is selected, and Thunderbirds are go!

1. All But One--Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
2. The Most Beautiful Girl--Datarock
3. Chips Ahoy!--The Hold Steady
4. Some Unholy War--Amy Winehouse
5. Fernando--ABBA
6. From a Pen--Paul Brill
7. Daria--Cake
8. Dawn of the Dreads--Arrested Development
9. All the Things that Go to Make Heaven and Earth--The New Pornographers
10.Pride (In the Name of Love)--Nouvelle Vague
I'll be scarce today, so feel free to the comments as an open thread. Blogwhore away--I love the opportunity to read new stuff.

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